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GG Production produces feature films, music videos, classical commercials, fashion films, image films, viral or micro videos. We design, plan, produce, manage, compose, record content and projects to your needs.

With a solid production network in Berlin and an experienced international network of co-creatives, we combine our skills because more is more.


Henning Gronkowksi
is a director and producer. He staged and produced music videos for 2raumwohung and Dagobert, totaling far beyond one million clicks on YouTube. Henning was also referred to in Der Tagesspiegel 2013 for his feature film trilogy “Teens on Age” for showing “what young people really do”. His strong suit is working with the young / kids and in an urban setting.

Leopold zu Oettingen
works as executive producer. After graduating from Columbia University, New York and a short-lived investment banking career in London, Leopold came to Berlin to produce film. His first production starring Hanna Schygulla in the lead role has been nominated for the New York Film Festival.

Clemens Schönborn
is a director and author. He has received several awards for his dark humor. With his last feature film “Der Letzte macht das Licht aus!” Clemens went on to win the Grimme Nachwuchspreis. Clemens works in commercials, feature films and theater. His passion lies in comedy, dark humor, drama and people.

Alberto Nikakis
is a director, D.O.P and motiongrapher. He has written and directed the independant film "For a lot of euros more" winner of the 2nd edition of Boddinale international film festival and a prize at 16th Geneva film festival. He has worked as videomaker and 3D animator for international brands such as Toshiba, Costa, CPC inox, Tabletize. Alberto lives and works in Berlin.

Maximilian von Grafenstein
is a specialist in media law and acts as the legal council for GG Production. Maximilian founded the Mauerschau application, funded by the Medienboard Berlin Brandenburg. He is also an expert for working in transmedial projects.

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